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Explore popular Ayodhya tour packages for your special Lord Rama Mandir Darshan. Visit newly constructed Lord Ram Temple and Hanuman Gadhi, Kanak Bhawan, Nageshwarenath Temple, Treka ke Thakur, Tulsi Sampark Bhawan, Ram Katha Park etc.

About Ayodhya tour packages

If want to explore memorable Ayodhya tour packages, then our customizable Ayodhya Ram Mandir tour packages is one of the good choice for you..

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Trip to Ayodhya Tour Packages

2 Days Ayodhya Package

Ayodhya 2 days tour package





  • Ram Darshan
  • Saryu Arti

Ram Mandir 1 Day Package

Ayodhya one day Tour Package





  • Hanuman Garhi
  • Ayodhya Tour

Other Ayodhya Packages

Ayodhya Tour Packages





  • Saryu Tour
  • Kanak Bhawan

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  • Spritual Ayodhya Tour Packages

    Experience the vibe of Spirituality of Varanasi, Prayagraj & Ayodhya

    Varanasi And Prayagraj Tour Package

    Varanasi Boat ride





    • Ganga Arti
    • Temple Tour

    Varanasi Allahabad Ayodhya Tour Package

    Ayodhya one day Tour Package





    • Kashi Darshan
    • Lord Ram Darshan

    Golden Triangle Tour Package

    Golden Tringle tour package





    • Taaj Mahal
    • Kashi Darshan

    Ayodhya popular Tour Places

    Ayodhya is a historic city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, with cultural and religious significance. This city is associated with Lord Rama and is considered a sacred place for Hindus. Here are some tourist places to visit in Ayodhya includes popular sightseeing places like Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, Saryu Arti, Ghats, Hanuman Garhi Temple, Kanak Bhawan, Nageshwarenath Temple, Treka ke Thakur, Tulsi Sampark Bhawan, Ram Katha Park, Raja Mandir, Saryu Ghats etc.

    Hanuman Garhi
    Tulsi Sampak Bhawan
    Kanak Bhawan
    Nageshwarenath Temple

    Popular Ayodhya Tour Itinerary

    Take a look of visit to Ayodhya tourism Itinerary plan. Whether you need Ayodhya trip package for your parents, friends for yourself, we can help you sort out your Ayodhya travel plan.

    Day 1: Ram Janmabhoomi Darshan

    The first day of Ayodhya tour package  will start as you reach Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport or Ayodhya Dham Railway station from your city and you will be received by our representative to transfer you to the hotel.  After checking in your comfy stays, you visit Hanuman Garhi Mandi, Ram Janmabhoomi, Kanak Bhawan, Shri Ram Janam Bhumi Nyas, etc. Later back to the hotel for an overnight stay. All significant destinations of tourist interest will be covered as mentioned here.

    Day 2: Ayodhya City tour

    • After breakfast at the hotel proceeds for full day sightseeing Hari Darshan bhajan Mandal, Sita Kund, Raj Sadanm, Ayodhya Raj Sadan, etc. later back to hotel , dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.
    • Visit to Ram Ki Paidi, Tulsi Udyan, Tulasi Smarak Bhavan, Naya Ghat, Shri Sita Ram Mandir, Mani Parvat Temple, etc. later back to the hotel , dinner and drop you to Airport/Railway Station as per schedule of your return ticket.
    • Everybody must bring Original ID Proof.
    • A/C cab pickup drop to Ayodhya Airport/ Railway Station.
    • 1 Nights Stay in A/c Deluxe Rooms at Ayodhya.
    • Saryu Ghat Walking
    • All type of Ritual Activities will be arranged.

    For Customized Package – On Request. Call – +9196214155111

    Best time for Ayodhya Sightseeing

    Weather is mostly pleasant in Ayodhya throughout the year. The best time to visit although is between October to December, both for its weather and the festivities.

    Here are a few important details to know about the Ayodhya Ram Mandir before your visit.

    • Ayodhya Ram Mandir darshan timings: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

    Ayodhya Aarti Timings: 

    • Morning Aarti – 7:00 AM 
    • Afternoon Aarti – 12:00 PM 
    • Evening Aarti – 7:00 PM

    Things to do in Ayodhya

    Ayodhya is known for its rich historical and religious significance, offers tourist a variety of activities to explore its cultural heritage and sacred sites. As you delve into your tour of Ayodhya, consider adding these unique experiences to make the most of your visit.


    Visit to Ayodhya Art Gallery


    Visit to the Ayodhya Art Gallery will be a amazing experience. Ayodhya Art Gallery is located in the heart of the city, this gallery showcases a diverse collection of sculptures, paintings, and artefacts. Exploring the artistic heritage of Ayodhya through these exhibits offers insights into the cultural richness of the Ayodhya city. It’s a perfect addition to your Ayodhya tour plan for those looking to appreciate the local arts and crafts.


    Explore Street Food of Ayodhya


    No trip is complete without savouring the local flavours, and street food of Ayodhya offers a culinary adventure. Head to the bustling markets and street corners to indulge in delectable foods like chat, Rabari and local sweets. Engaging in a gastronomic exploration adds a flavorful dimension to your Ayodhya tour, allowing you to connect with the city’s vibrant culture through its diverse and delicious street food.


    Riverside Stroll Along Sarayu Ghat


    One of the most serene and unique experiences in Ayodhya is taking a riverside stroll along the Sarayu Ghat. As you walk along the ghats, you’ll witness the vibrant life along the river, with devotees performing rituals and locals engaged in daily activities. The scenic beauty combined with the spiritual ambience creates a memorable experience during your Ayodhya tour.


    Popular foods in Ayodhya

    The Sita Ki Rasoi Trust serves free meals for devotees every day. The unlimited meal consists of rice, pulses, two types of vegetable preparations, yoghurt, pickle and poppadum. Enjoy the many famous food items of the city with a Ayodhya tour package.


    The streets of Ayodhya is full of vendors selling colourful chaats covered with a melange of savoury chutneys. It is a one of the much-loved tangy and crispy snack. Chaat is an all-time favourite street food of Ayodhya. It is available in the sweet and sour as well as tangy and spicy varieties. You can enjoy chaat with aloo tikki, paani puri, kachori, samosa and papdi chaat etc.


    The laddoo of Ayodhya has unique sweet, sour and spicy. This dish is a must-try while on a Ayodhya tour package. The cheese balls of ‘rasmalai’ are served with sweet yoghurt and garnished with spices, chilli powder and coriander leaves.


    This gratifying dessert is popular in Ayodhya. Rabri is made after thickening the milk by boiling it until the volume decreases to one-third of the original. It is garnished with chopped or slivered dry fruits like cashews and almonds. Some people also like to add Kesar for extra flavour.

    Dahi Vada

    Dahi Vada is also a renowned snack available in Ayodhya. A plate of this dish is a party for the palette as it combines the piquancy of mint and tomato chutneys with fried vadas immersed in fresh curd. The tanginess of the snack is enhanced with a sprinkle of cumin seeds powder, black salt and chaat masala.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Ayodhya Tour

    The main places to visit in Ayodhya are Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, Saryu Arti, Ghats, Hanuman Garhi Temple, Kanak Bhawan, Nageshwarenath Temple, Treka ke Thakur, Tulsi Sampark Bhawan, Ram Katha Park, Raja Mandir etc.

    The Ayodhya is a birthplace of Lord Rama and is believed to be one of the seven most sacred places in India

    • Ayodhya Ram Mandir darshan timings: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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